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Symptoms Checker

Summary of symptoms from the NHS website that may indicate Angina or Diabetes

Full BCA Article: Research finds technology is leaving teenagers in pain

Full article on research into teen pain and use of technology:

Technology and Teens: Teen Awareness Evening

2014 Chiropractic Awareness week: BCA Focus on "Technology and teens". Recent research shows that teenagers in Wales are experiencing pain before they are 20yrs old. Come to the Precision Chiropractic "Teen Awareness Evening" and bring your Teen!

Our Cardiff / Caerphilly Chiropractors explain back pain caused by a "Slipped disc" or "Disc bulge"

Back pain caused by disc pain is commonly involved in low back pain. Hear what our Cardiff and Caerphilly based chiropractic clinic has to say about a slipped disc.

Cardiff / Caerphilly Chiropractors - Shoulder pain series: Labral Tear (SLAP Lesion)

'Labral tears' can lead to pain, instability and weakness at the shoulder. How do we diagnose them, and what can be done?

Clinic Open Day

Precision Chiropractic holds its first Open Day...As well as advice and professional assessments being carried out, there was Champagne, balloons and giggles!

Cardiff / Caerphilly Chiropractors - Is your back pain due to a badly fitted bra?

Practical advice on solving back pain that could be caused by wearing the wrong sized bra.

'Share the Secret'

The Results are in from the 'Share the Secret' Referral Campaign

A Summer Pregnancy

Useful and informative tips on how to stay comfortable and in shape whilst pregnant during the summer months.

Beach Body

Tips from the Activevibe team on getting your body in shape for the beach.

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