Pelvic pain during pregnancy and what to do about it!

The top 5 things you need to know about Pregnancy related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PPGP)


Rachael Hughes DC

Have a read through the following short 5 points that you need to know about PPGP. We have attached 2 simple exercises which are often used as rehabilitation for when you have the condition, but are better used to try and help prevent the condition too (add in kegal and Bridge video)

  • What is PPGP? It is a condition common in Pregnancy that causes the pelvic joints to move against each other in ways that cause pain. This can happen at the front of the pelvis (the pubic symphysis) or at the back of the pelvis (the Sacroilliac joints).
  • What are the symptoms to look out for?

Pain will be different for each person, but PPGP often causes pain in the Lower back and pelvis, pain in the buttock and side of your hips, pain at the front of the pelvis in the pubic region and you can also experience pain referring into the thighs.

Getting in and out of a car can be painful, crossing your legs and standing on one leg (i.e. to get dressed), walking and going up/down stairs can all also be painful.

You may also experience a grind or clicking in the pubic symphysis region.

  • What are the causes of PPGP?

It is caused by a combination of things; your body produces the hormone ‘Relaxin’ during pregnancy which acts on the ligaments to relax your pelvic joints to prepare you for the birth of your baby. Unfortunately, if you combine this with the new weight and postural changes in your body, the position and size of the baby, and potentially underlying previous lower back or pelvic problems the chances of developing PPGP increase.

  • How is it diagnosed?

Early diagnosis is key to controlling and managing the condition. Your Chiropractor will be able to complete a case history and physical examination to determine if you have PPGP. The examination would look at any signs of rotation of the pelvis such as a leg length discrepancy. It would include joint palpation where each section of the lower back, pelvis and hips are checked to see how well they are moving, if they are sitting in the correct position, and if they are causing pain. Muscles are tested for any imbalances such as weakness and tension. All of this will give your Chiropractor the ability to provide you with a diagnosis.

  • How is it treated?

Gentle and safe chiropractic treatment methods such as joint manipulation and mobilisations are often applied to the joints that are not functioning properly to correct them. Massage is used on the muscles and often work on the ligaments is needed too. Your Chiropractor will give you advice on home exercises such as Kegal and bridge exercises to help keep the muscles around the pelvis strong. Additional things such as applying ice to the pelvis and sometimes a Sacroiliac belt will be advised for use at home when necessary.


My advice to any pregnant ladies would be to try these home exercises to keep your Gluteal muscles and pelvic floor strong.

If you do feel any pain in the pelvic area call to book a consultation to get it checked out. If you are trying for a baby or are in the early stages of your pregnancy it is often a good idea to ask a Chiropractor to assess your back and pelvis to see if you have any predisposing problems that could increase your chance of PPGP. Prevention is best and early detection is the next best option for a healthy happy pregnancy.



Best exercise for pelvic girdle pain 


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