Neck or back pain at your work desk? VIDEO!

Top 3 stretches and self help for neck pain and back pain at your desk or on your smart phone!

Watch on for the main cause of pain at your desk or during phone use and what to do about it.

We all have to work at a desk for at least some time during the week and most of us use smart phones a lot these days too. There are some simpe but effective tips that can help prevent the build up of stress to your neck and upper back while working. 

Couple these video tips with moving from your desk or generally using your phone in a position level with your eyes. If at your desk, try to move from it every hour or so for a couple of minutes ( take a drink break, walk around the office, to the photo copier, get a snack etc), drinking plenty of non- caffeinated drinks and gentle exercise during your week. 


If you find yourself using your phone for emails a lot, consider routing them to your desk or holding your phone up in a more usable position


And of course,  make sure you have effective chiropractic treatment  to help your body function at it’s best!

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