Our Children receive Chiropractic Care for a reason!

But my child is not in pain? 

Happy boys with Chiropractic

Good! But neck and back pain is literally an epidemic in adulthood and we are seeing the causes of this exacerbate by issues that start in CHILDHOOD. 

People often mistakenly think that they should not or do not need to do anything because they or in this case, their children are not in pain. 

A simple question helps to illustrate the lack of current understanding that results in this mistake.

"Do you wait until your child has toothache before getting their teeth checked"? 

Well, we know that we do not wait until our children have toothache before taking them to their dentist. This is of course because we want them to develop healthy teeth and healthy habits for life. 

Here are my own boys, Quinn and Brann at the end of their Easter Egg Hunt this Easter. Both happy boys, developing well with the help of Chiropractic. 


Healthy teeth, healthy habits. Healthy Spine and joints, healthy LIFE

Postural issues start YOUNG, the spinal vertebrae are developing and are not fixed to their adult spinal shape until we reach spinal skeletal maturity on average around the age of 16 yrs (although this does vary in individuals by around 1.5 yrs). After this age, the SHAPE of the spine is pretty much set. BEFORE this time, there is a good chance that we can affect the SHAPE (and therefore the stresses that the spine undergoes) of the spine for LIFE. 

EVIDENCE is showing that back pain throughout life and into older age is resulting in an earlier death from what is known as "All Cause Mortality". In other words, people in longer term pain are dying earlier and maybe more importantly, are not able to live and experience life for many years before this. 

It's simple, as we get older, poor spinal health results in pain, which results in retraction from living a full and active life, which leads to poorer health.

Not a good enough reason to make sure that your own child is developing normally?

Find out what these Children have to say about Chiropractic care and what they find it does for them.

Watch this video

We're reaching out to schools.

We think that reaching out to children and educating them and their parents about the impact of modern living on their spinal health and their well-being now and as adults is so important that we are reaching out to schools and helping there with some education about  POSTURE and spinal HEALTH. 

We see this as a major part of our mission to improve the lives of every person we can. We know that the younger we start, the better the chances of a healthier, more active, more self-fulfilled life for the children we see.

Our Children's Chiropractor Naomi Walsh DC, takes the children of Ty-Wern Primary School through an educational and fun workshop on posture and their spines below. 

Ty Wern School outreach

 3 Reasons to make sure your child develops good posture and alignment now. 

1. Breath, jump and run more effectively

2. Help to avoid pain in their 20's and beyond (especially if they work at a desk)

3. Look better, feel better and make better choices earlier.


 - Avoid knee pain and early knee issues (foot alignment and activity advice).

 - Avoid fixed poor posture for life

 - Avoid chronic neck and back pain in their teens and into adulthood. 

 - Engage in a FULL and ACTIVE life for LIFE.





We can't get to all schools, but you CAN come to US! 

We are out reaching to all of the schools we can, but we can't reach every school. We CAN however help you if you contact us directly with a screen and advice session for your child at our  clinic. 

Our Children are developing well, because we know what to look for. Your children can too, just call us and we'll help you too.

childrens voucher spinal health check

Call us on: 02920 861800 and book a special Children's Session with Naomi today. 


Posture, joint health and alignment throughout the body for optimal development and and active life, for life.

Call us today.


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