Elderly people appear to need help with back pain for more reasons than you you may think..

Four out of Five people in the UK will suffer back pain at some point in their lives and longer standing lower back pain is more common in the elderly.


Back pain in the elderly

Back pain appears to lead to earlier death in the elderly

In a recent research study of more than 4000 people Dr Matthew Fernandez (Sydney, Australia) found that the elderly were more than 13% more likely to die each year if they suffered back pain. 

More research is being carried out to discover why this is the case. 


The most important work we do!

We have noticed in the clinic for many years that people with long standing back pain seem to have poorer overall health  and tend to be on more medication too. They tend to: 

  • Be More sedentary
  • Have worse health
  • Have a poorer quality of life

Than people without back pain.  

We love working with athletes and we love working with people of any age, but very often the work we do with the elderly is the most important of all. 

When elderly people are able to get more active again, their quality of life goes THROUGH THE ROOF!

They FEEL BETTER, their RELATIONSHIPS IMPROVE, their overall HEALTH appears to improve because they are able to become more active.

We see more elderly people reducing long term pain medication and getting more active again than any other group of patients whom we see. 

The impact can be HUGE. 


Something can be done.

Lower back pain usually responds well to treatment. NICE (the world body that set guidelines for management of health conditions) recommend Spinal Manipulation (Chiropractors call the "Adjustng" and are the most skilled profession in the world at this form of treatment), along with exercsies. 


Get the older people you know some help TODAY! 

We would prefer to be the people to help the older people you know to get better, BUT, the most important thing is that they DO get help. We do not care if you are reading this blog from another country, another planet or another solar system. If someone you care about (or you, yourself) are suffering from lower back pain, then get help at a clinic near you. You will be glad that you did. 

Let's help them find a better quality of life and a longer life today.

If it happens to be that you live near enough to us to come to us for help, then our number is 02920 861800.


Is it too late to get help? IT'S TOO LATE NOT TO!! 

It's never too late to get help, but the impact of a more active life with less pain to an elderly person is potentially life enhancing. It's not just us that say this anymore, the evidence is now saying the same thing. 

Let's get help to those who need it most. 


Call 02920 861800 today and book a free 1hr consultation. Let's get things on track NOW.







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