Back and hip pain while running

Running with weak Gluts? Get your Gluts Activated and your Hamstrings quieter with these big running exercises! 

The Bridge

Fire up your gluts. These help stabilise your pelvis, lower back, hips and sacroiliac joints while running. These muscles are commonly weak in runners due to hamstring dominance and underuse of the all important Gluteus Maximus (your butt!). 


Overactive / tight hip flexors stop your gluts from firing! 

Get this stretch into your routine to quieten and lengthen your hip flexors! What will this do for you? It will lengthen your running stride, make it easier to run and help your all important gluts to fire! 


Quieten and lengthen your hamstrings to help your stride and your gluts! 

This advanced form of stretching will help you to get your hamstrings out of the way and help your gluts to fire. This will support your hips and lower back more effectively! 

The Running specific plank!

What routine for back and hip pain is complete without the plank? Well here we thought we would go one better and provide you with a more running specific plank! What will this do for you? Strengthen your core, fire your gluts and protect your back! 



Let us know how you get on with this routine. It;s one we use with many runners of all levels (recreational to elite) here at Precision Chiropractic. Comment on Facebook and enjoy your running! 


NB. the Optimal Swing clinic is a subsidiary of Precision Chiropractic. Ignore the golf references. Runners, this one is for you! 


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