Strengthen that pelvic floor!.







Racheal Lewis, Dr of Chiropractic and our pregnancy specialist brings you a special focus on how to avoid the nightmare of a weak pelvic floor.




Pre and Post Natal pelvic floor and deep TVA abdominal exercises


If you are experiencing lower back pain or problems with your bladder function (stress incontinence) while pregnant or after having given birth then these pelvic floor exercises may help you to improve with just a few minutes focus a day. 








Deep abdomimal and pelvic floor exercises are extremely important in preparing for your birth and also recovering from it. 

Maintaining these muscles will enable you to limit lower back pain and prevent pelvic floor complications like:

  • Accidentally leaking urine when you cough or laugh
  • Urgently needing the toilet to urinate
  • Accidentally losing control of your bladder or bowel 
  • Pain in your pelvi area
  • A prolapse 

Spend just a few minutes daily doing these exercises in order to both prevent and manage these problems and to speed your recovery after pregnancy. 

 Struggling to feel any engagement of your pelvic floor?

Why not use what the professionals use? 

Products like these can help you re-learn how to get your pelvic floor working again!

However, if you have back pain.. 



If you have back pain then you should contact us today to book an appointment with Rachael, our pre and post pregnancy specialist! 

Based in Cardiff and Caerphilly our chiropractic pre and post natal expert provides our video for your pelvic floor improvement. Just a few minutes a day can make all the difference in the world. 

Why not pop in today for a check up? 02920 861800 

Provided by Rachael Lewis, Chiropractor and pre and post natal practitioner at Precision Chiropractic  



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