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The Chiropractic 'adjustment', what does it do?

If you have been to us before then you already know that getting adjusted feels great and you know that often it makes you feel better each time you have it done. But what does an adjustment actually do? Getting skilled chiropractic care for your back pain or neck pain in Cardiff and Caerphilly is easier than you think!


Neurological rebalancing

back pain neck pain caerphilly, cardiff, the chiropractic adjustmentIt may surprise you to hear that although when your chiropractor adjusts your joints, as well as a mechanical improvement in the range of motion that you feel around the joint, it appears that your body also receives stimulation to your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) that results in a rebalancing of signals that have been resulting in muscular spasm around dysfunctional joints. 

This may help normalise blood flow to the muscles that have been involved which can result in them producing less pain as more oxygen can get into them and more pain producing waste products like lactic acid can be removed from them. 


Improved movement

Move more, chiropractic careLet's be clear about one thing. Your joints are designed to move. If they do not move effectively then stress to the surrounding ligaments and the sensitive lining of the surrounding joint capsule and even the cartilage of the joint can result in inflammation and pain. All too often joints can be moved to a position of stress while doing things like prolonged desk work, resulting in irritation to the sensitive structures of the joint and resulting in localised muscular reaction which results in even less movement for the joint. Getting adjusted improves joint motion, which means that getting adjusted improves your movement and reduces your pain.


Improved overall posture and biomechanics

upper back pain at a desk chiropractic cardiff and caerphillyGetting adjusted can improve the positioning of your joints, resulting from either a reduction of muscular spasm (which can pull on joints and cause them to work from positions that can be stressful) or a physical repositioning of a joint e.g. a pelvic joint that has slipped to a position which is resulting in pain. Either way, improving the length /tension relationship of muscles around joints can improve the ability of the joint to work more effectively and to stay in a position of minimal stress throughout its movement.


Reduced pain

neck pain precision chiropractic cardiff caerphillyGetting adjusted is an effective way to reduce the pain in new onset and also longer standing lower back and neck pain. 

Whether it's because of the improvement mobility that an adjustment achieves at a joint or whether it's because of the reduced muscular guarding that getting adjusted produces, our patients report that it feels great and reduces their pain. Research also supports this and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends the use of this type of treatment for the management of chronic and acute lower back pain.


* Neurological rebalancing

* Improved joint movement

* Improved overall biomechanics (posture and overall body movement)

* Less pain


That's pretty powerful for a treatment that occurs in about 100th of a second, is painless and can be delivered at all moving joints in your body!


If you've not been adjusted yet or if it's been too long, then give us a call and get started today. 02920 861800. 




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