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What you eat dictates your genes and your health

Top Caerphilly Chiropractor summarizes how your genes and diet dictate your health. We all know that there are lots of claims about "Wonder foods" that don't stand up to scrutiny. However, there are a few that do. Read on for our 5 favourite natural ways that you can reduce pain and inflammation, boost healing and reduce your risk of chronic disease.

Best chiropractor exercises for back pain

Dr of Chiropractic brings you our 3 best early exercises for back pain brought, best advice from our Cardiff and Caerphilly Chiropractor team

Back pain manged poorly on a global scale and on the RISE in Wales!

Back pain and Neck Pain seem to be on the rise according to a recent survey across the UK.

How to choose the best mattress for back pain

Ever wondered how to choose the best mattress or best bed for back pain? Watch this handy video.. on how to choose the best mattress .

Too much pain to walk until he tried Chiropractic

Fred couldn’t walk until he came to Precision Chiropractic, hear what he has to say about it now!

Top Research shows Chiropractic helps Headaches!

PRESS RELEASE! Certain type of SEVERE HEADACHES found to respond well to Chiropractic treatment (cervical spine manipulation) was found effective in high level research. The research backs what our own patients have known for years. Don’t suffer, come and see if yours can be helped too.

How to avoid pain at your desk VIDEO

How to set up your workstation! New Video! Our 3 steps to success in setting up you chair and desk at w

Pelvic pain during pregnancy and what to do about it!

Pelvic Girdle pain during pregnancy can be extremely debilitating. Are you experiencing lower back pain, buttock or hip pain during pregnancy? Some discomfort is normal, but pain is not. Find out what to do about Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle pain here.

Neck or back pain at your work desk? VIDEO!

Watch our 3 TOP TIP video here to find out why neck pain and back pain happen at your desk and what to do about it. Some of the best chiropractic advice in Cardiff and Caerphilly.

Is your baby constantly crying? See baby Nell's miracle story here

See baby Nell's Amazing story here.

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