Appointments - Initial Consultation

Appointments - Initial Consultation

The three most important aspects of the initial consultation are very simple

1. We will listen to you
2. We will thoroughly assess your problem
3. We will communicate clearly to you both what is wrong and how it can be helped

First visit

On your first visit you will receive a thorough consultation including:

  • Case history 
  • Orthopaedic examination (assessment of the joints and muscles) 
  • Chiropractic examination (more specific assessment o the joints) 
  • Visceral examination (assessment of the abdomen, heart, chest as needed) 
  • Neurological examination 

If further diagnostic tests are required you may be referred for MRI or X-ray.

The consultation usually takes one hour and at the end of this you will usually receive a “report of findings” in which you will hear what is wrong and how it can be helped.

Each stage is optional and our chiropractic doctor will inform you fully of the purpose and likely duration of any phase of care. You can at all times choose whether you would like to engage in each stage.