This video shows a specific low back adjustment. This is a very effective, safe and pain free correction of joint dysfunction that reduces pain and improves function.

A treatment session will usually last between 20 and 30 minutes and we will always begin with a quick re-assessment of how you have been progressing.

We will treat the problem and as sessions progress and you move through the different phases of your care (see "How it works"), we will begin to address functional problems that we find that may contribute to your pain.

Treatment usually consists of a mixture of

  1. Chiropractic manipulation ('Adjustments'): These will be specific adjustments to correct dysfunction at your joints and surrounding muscles. 
  2. Massage and other specific soft tissue techniques aimd at restoring function to tightned, spasmed or pain producing muscles. 
  3. Specific stretching.
  4. Acupuncture  (used as pain reduction in the form of 'Dry needling' rather than oriental medicine). 
  5. Mobilisations

Cervical vertabra adjustment & Soft tissue release methods are very effective, safe and pain free treatment of joints.