Shoulder and Arm Pain

Neck, Shoulder and Arm Pain

The shoulder joint is very mobile but frequently has to undergo heavy loading as we lift, carry, throw or simply engage in repetitive tasks like vacuuming the floor at home. 

The fact that the shoulder needs to be able to cope with these demands and all 4 joints at the shoulder need to be working properly in order for the shoulder to move effectively. 

Further to this, mobility in the neck and upper back is also important for normal shoulder joint motion. 

We frequently see conditions that have resulted in loss of movement and pain from the shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis, ‘Frozen Shoulder’, wear and tear, impingement syndrome etc)  and treatment at Precision is often aimed at improving motion and reducing pain as well as improving loss of function in areas that also affect the shoulder.

Arm pain from conditions like ‘Tennis Elbow’ and ‘Golfer’s elbow’ are also treated effectively at Precision Chiropractic.

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Excellent! Ben recognised problems that Doctors and Specialists had missed. The level of professionalism was above and beyond. On top of this, the receptionist was fantastic and had made cakes!

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