Report of Findings

Precision Chiropractic

At the report of findings we will go over with you what we think the problem is and explain to you how we can help. If you are happy to consent to treatment then you will have your first treatment following this.

You will receive a sheet with a diagram and a simple explanation of what the treatment will be likely to include to take home with you.

Often we will ask if your partner or spouse would like to come to the report of findings. This is not because we often find things to worry about, but it does help them to understand better what you have been going through and also what we will be doing to help.

Just like a course of medicine, most conditions that we treat will need a course of treatments. 
Acute conditions often require more treatment early on and as symptoms reduce we reduce the treatment.

Recent conditions will normally improve with a few treatments. Long-standing conditions may require more.