How does your posture impact upon your pain?

Posture Back Pain

These two real patient images demonstrate common postural changes that result in increased loading to your joints and muscles, often resulting in neck and back pain.

At Precision we make sure that you receive your own images of your postural assessment with a report and recommendations so that you understand how your posture impacts upon your pain.


  • Your own images of your postural assessment
  • A detailed explanation of how this impacts upon your problem
  • A plan that will lead you from pain, poor posture and dysfunction to improved posture and greater quality of life.

In this way you receive longer lasting results and wider ranging improvements as well as less pain.

Only at Precision Chiropractic. 

What our Clients have been saying?

Clear and friendly advice. I’ve only had one session so far, but I already feel like a lot of work has been done! Thanks, Emily.

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