Neck Pain

Kneck Pain

Today's lifestyle can place the muscles and joints of the neck under a lot of stress. Desk work, long hours driving, poor posture or accidents resulting in ‘Whiplash' can place the neck under enough stress to result in neck pain and often headaches. Problems in the neck can also cause pain into the upper back or arm.

The neck is very mobile, but also has to contend with the weight of the head. This places a difficult set of demands upon the joints and muscles of the neck as they cope with providing this mobility whilst holding the head up at the same time. 

Chiropractic care with Precision Chiropractic aimed at treating the muscles and joints is very effective at restoring function, assisting in postural correction and reducing pain from conditions affecting the neck. 

What our Clients have been saying?

Highly recommended! The treatment I have received is working and I would have a further course if needed. I wish Ben all the best for the future. Good luck, Wayne.

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