Leg and Knee Pain

Knee Pain

There are lots of causes of leg and knee pain. The knee undergoes a lot of stress and the cartilage pads can wear over time. It is frequently injured during sports incidents or simply becomes painful due to dysfunction at the hip, pelvis or foot.

Sometimes leg pain can be caused by problems with the low back and your chiropractor will assess these areas too in order to ensure that the problem is coming from the leg itself and not from somewhere else.

Chiropractic care is often aimed at restoring foot, knee, hip and low back function so that everything works as it should. Soft tissues (muscle) problems  are often treated with deep massage and release techniques and for many problems you will be provided with a rehab programme to aid recovery and prevent re-occurrence.

What our Clients have been saying?

The treatment plan at Precision Chiropractic has been really thorough with lots of exercises to do at home. Highly recommended for unmanageable pain. Thank you, Judith

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