How it Works

How it works

The process will be managed by our highly qualified chiropractors and involves;

Stage 1

Identifying the problem, how it has been affecting you and how it can be helped.

In this stage treatment sessions tend to be relatively close together in order to bring you the best and quickest response to care.

Stage 2

By stage 2 you will be feeling greatly improved. It is important to realise that this can happen relatively quickly and often much faster than full healing / re-injury protection can occur. Dropping out of care at this stage can result in a return back to the original pain over a few months. More exercises, stretches and other ways to enable you to gain more control over your condition will also be provided in the early stages of this phase of care.

Stage 3

Once you have been with us for long enough for full healing and re- injury protection to have occurred you will either be discharged or moved to a “Maintenance” care frequency (infrequent visits) over a year in order to maintain your well earned more comfortable or pain free life.

Sometimes the progress through these stages is rapid and other times it takes longer. This will depend upon factors like your chronicity, diet, lifestyle, compliance with care advice etc.

We help the vast majority of our patients towards a pain free and much more satisfying life through this process.