Custom Orthotics to improve foot, ankle, knee & lower back pain

Manage your foot, knee and lower back pain with Custom Orthotics.

 Foot, ankle and knee pain is frequently caused by poorly functioning feet. 

Your feet interact with the ground and create either a functional reaction through the rest of your body or a dysfunctional reaction through your body.
If your feet cannot meet the demands of walking or running effectively, then you will expereince pain either in your foot, ankle or further through your body (commonly in the knees, hips or lower back). 

Foot pain and knee pain

Common conditions that are managed effectively with our custom orthotics include:

* Flat feet (Pronation, loss of the transverse longitudinal arch'). 
* Plantar fasciitis ('Plantar Fasciopathy'). 
* Achillies tendinitis ('Achillies tendinopathy') 
* Shin splints ('Anteror compartment syndrome').
* Sever's disease (Back of heel pain in children / 'calcaneal apophysitis')
* Tibialis posterior tendinopathy. 
* Osteoarthritis
* Knee pain
* Lower back pain 
* Iliotibial band syndrome (IT Band syndrome)
* Runner's knee 
* Retropatellar pain syndrome 


Bespoke, fitted orthotics in the clinic are often the answer

Over pronation (Collapsing of the arch of your foot) is believed to be caused by the flat surfaces that we walk on (your foot is designed to work best over rougher more natural terrain than the pavements we tend to walk on today).  This results in a 'flat  foot' which results in stress to the foot and knee in particular, often resulting in pain. 

We use Vasyli orthotics which enable us to fit the orthotic specifically to your foot and to adjust the support that it provides to ensure that your specific foot problems are addressed effectively. 


Orthotic correction

Correcting foot alignment and function is an imperative stage in treating and improving pain resulting from poor foot biomechanics.

Treating the cause of your symptoms as well as the tissues that are inflammed and producing pain is the often the most effective way of curing your problem.

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What our Clients have been saying?

'My lad is back playing rugby again with no knee pain at all after ahving his orthotics fitted, thanks Ben" - Anthony Colcome

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